“You were EXTREMELY helpful.  I picked up a lot of questions based on your presentations. I just sat back and thought about your lectures and answers were just jumping off the page. The help you provided me was pivotal. Thank you again.” - Mike DeBellis

“Artie once again thank you for the hard work in preparing those questions because anyone who didn't attend your class was at a disadvantage, thanks for making me feel confident, but not over confident until the answer key comes out.” - John Greeley

“Artie, Mike, et al, Just wanted to thank you. Your classes really prepared me for this exam. Anyone who followed your curriculum, and studied, should do well” - Jim West

Dear Art,

Please accept my personal thanks to Inspector Napolitano, the Honorable Justice Walsh and of course yourself in the preparation of the course material questions and in basket material.

I am certain they assisted me in passing the examination. My final score was 85.6 with a list # of 158. Given the intense competition I am fortunate to have made the cut.

I was a member of the 1996 Sgt's examination panel, and it appears that the tests ratchet up in difficulty, with an omission to job related question in the subsequent years. Although eligible I did not take the 1996 exam ( I just got into Law school) or the 1999 ( I sat for the Bar Exam) and I can state that the preparation for this examination is as difficult as the former examination.

I met you at the 052 PCT when you dropped off material, and informed all LT contestants to take your course. Although you probably know already, I supplemented your class with ……... It appears many Captain candidates did the same thing making competition keen.

However your questions’ quality and exhaustive quantity were the most exacting for the examination which assisted me in making the list.

Don McHugh
Lt 052


Just wanted to thank my KSA family for helping me make it. I've stuck with you guys from Sergeant all the way through Captain, and you know what it takes to get someone there.

I should add that you guys have been more than teachers, you , julian and the judge were also role models, who motivated me (lord knows that the salary doesn't)

Charlane Brown

Inspector Storch,

Thanks for all the hard work you put into KSA. I was very happy when the list came out on Thursday. I was number 53. KSA got me promoted twice already and will do it one more time. KSA really made me what I am today in the NYPD. Thanks again.

Brian McGee
P.S.A. #2

Hello Arty,

I made the list (hooray); thanks to you, the classes and the staff. Keep up the good work.


I would just like to take this opportunity to say Thank you for helping me achieve my success in passing these promotion exams. I have attended your school for all 3 promotional exams and your classes have been great.

Thanks again
Tommy Gleavy

Hi, Arty

I hope you are doing fine, I would like to thank you again for preparing me for the
Lieutenant's Exam. I owe it all to your tough questions, that made you think.

Thanks again,
Regina Otoo
(Monday's Class)



Greg Lane


Placed well on 1996 Sgt test thru KSA. Placed 337 on 1999 Lieutenant test thru KSA. Placed 130 on 2002 Captain's test thru KSA. Subordinates constantly ask me when tests are announced which school to go to. I tell them there's only one school.

I can remember that during the 1999 Lieutenant exam, during the exam, I really thought KSA was hired to write the test. It was so on the money.

Andrew DeStefano

I would like to thank you and Judge Walsh. He hit a lot of the LBB's on the money and of course you hit Patrol guide stuff on point… You are the greatest!!!

Ana Ramirez


...I want you to know that I don't think anyone or class could have prepared me better, the rest was up to me. So, thank you again and hopefully we'll meet again at Lt. Prep.

Suzanne McCrosson

I want to thank you for everything you’ve done to prepare me for the 2003 Sgt’s. Exam.

My list # is 132. KSA is number one.

Haaziq Reid

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