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KSA Digital books (except Legal Guide) will be updated monthly and the 1st year of updates is included with the initial purchase.  Afterwards, there will be a yearly subscription fee of 50% of the current purchase price. (more frequent updates for less money than other companies) to receive updates via download from our website or an E-mail link.  All KSA digital books are fully bookmarked for easy searching of topics. You must have a valid E-mail address and internet access to activate the downloaded books. If you do not enter an E-mail address before you add to cart your Pay Pal address will be used.

NYPD Patrol Guide – Digital Version
The NYPD Patrol Guide and pertinent orders that affect the Guide, e.g., all Interim Orders & selected Operations Orders & FINEST Messages.
Price - $40

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Procedural Guide for Police Supervisors – Digital Version
A comprehensive digest of the NYPD Patrol Guide and pertinent orders that affect the Guide, i.e., Interim Orders, Operations Orders, Chief of Department Memos and Finest Messages. This guide, written by former Chief of Personnel, Michael Julian, and Arty Storch, contains code words, charts and cross references that simplify and make sense out of the Patrol Guide. An indispensable aid for studying for promotion, it also serves as an excellent reference book for patrol and the desk.
Price - $30

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Police Legal Guide - Updated Version 2015 – Digital Version
A simplified analysis of NYPD Legal Bureau Bulletins and Constitutional Law, edited by the Honorable John P. Walsh, Kings County Supreme Court Judge and retired Inspector, NYPD. This guide organizes over 100 Legal Bureau Bulletins into major topics, e.g., search and seizure, stop and frisk, confessions, identifications, etc., explains the essence of each bulletin and how they impact on police procedure.  In addition, explanations are given regarding current decisions that have changed legal principles in outdated Bulletins.  Therefore, this book will not only serves as a study aid for promotional exams but as the most up to date legal guide for police procedures.  When new Legal Bureau Bulletins are published (rarely in recent years), updates will be made available for download from the KSA website.(Current subscribers eligible for update. Contact support if you have trouble activating.)
Price - $25

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NYPD Administrative Guide – Digital Version
Completely updated and includes all Interim Orders that affect the AG. The digital AG will be updated monthly or when new orders are published that affect the AG. 
Price - $30

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