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The Procedural Guide for Police Supervisors

A comprehensive digest of the NYPD Patrol Guide and pertinent orders that affect the Guide, i.e., Interim Orders, Operations Orders, Chief of Department Memos and Finest Messages. This guide, written by former Chief of Personnel, Michael Julian, and Arty Storch, contains code words, charts and cross references that simplify and make sense out of the Patrol Guide.  An indispensable aid for studying for promotion, it also serves as an excellent reference book for patrol and the desk

NYPD Mini Patrol Guide in 4” Binder

 The NYPD Patrol Guide and pertinent orders that affect the Guide.  Also includes selected pertinent Operations Orders and FINEST messages.  Updates will be available at least twice per year, more often during exam years. PG includes tabbed section dividers that lists a table of contents for each section.

Police Legal Guide
A simplified analysis of NYPD Legal Bureau Bulletins and Constitutional Law, edited by the Honorable John P. Walsh, Supervising Criminal Court Judge and retired Inspector, NYPD. This guide organizes over 100 Legal Bureau Bulletins into major topics, e.g., search and seizure, stop and frisk, confessions, identifications, etc., explains the essence of each bulletin and how they impact on police procedure.  In addition, explanations are given regarding current decisions that have changed legal principles in outdated Bulletins.  Therefore, this book will not only serves as a study aid for promotional exams but as the most up to date legal guide for police procedures.

The NYPD Administrative Guide
Completely updated and includes all Interim Orders that affect the AG and/or are related to the AG.  As new Interim Orders come out that affect the AG, they will sent free via e-mail.

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