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1. In order to view the course you must download and install  Adobe Acrobat Reader v6 or above.

2. After installing Acrobat Reader, you must download the viewer plugin to allow you to view the protected documents for the course.

3. You will be sent a license for the full course or each individual week, depending on what you purchased. Install License by double clicking the attached file in the email.
Important!: If you have an AOL email address, you must save the License file to your computer (e.g., desktop) and double-click on it from OUTSIDE of AOL.

4. Go to Course Files and download and unzip your files for the week.



Windows Viewer v2.5


Mac Viewer v2.5

*  We have received a few returned e-mails. Your license file is sent to the e-mail address we receive your payment from. These returns are most likely caused by an old e-mail address listed as the default account in PayPal. If you have not received your License, contact us at booksales@ksapublications.com and send us the transaction number you received from Paypal, along with the Name and email listed in the paypal transaction, AND the Correct email address we should send the License file to.  

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